How to make bamboo blinds?
How to make bamboo blinds? Making bamboo blinds can be a rewarding DIY project. Here's a basic guide to help you create your own bamboo blinds:
Materials Needed:
  1. Bamboo sticks or bamboo blinds kit
  2. Thin wooden dowels
  3. Twine or strong thread
  4. Screw eyes or small hooks
  5. Small rings
  6. Cord or string
  7. Pulley system (optional)
  8. Mounting brackets
  9. Saw
  10. Drill
  11. Sandpaper
  12. Stain or sealant (optional)
  13. Paint or finish (optional)

1. Measure and Cut the Bamboo:
  • Measure the dimensions of your window or the area where you plan to hang the blinds.
  • Cut the bamboo sticks to the desired length. Use a saw to ensure clean cuts. If you're using a bamboo blinds kit, you might not need to cut the bamboo.

2. Prepare the Bamboo Slats:
  • Lay out the bamboo sticks side by side. If you want a uniform appearance, trim the sticks to the same width.
  • Sand the bamboo to smooth out any rough edges.

3. Create the Blind Structure:
  • Cut thin wooden dowels to match the width of the bamboo sticks.
  • Attach the dowels horizontally to the back of the bamboo sticks using twine or strong thread. This will create the structure for your blinds.

4. Install Rings and Screw Eyes:
  • Attach small rings to the bottom of each bamboo stick.
  • Insert screw eyes or small hooks at regular intervals along the top edge of the blinds.

5. Thread the Cord:
  • Cut a length of cord or string that is double the height of your blinds.
  • Thread the cord through the rings at the bottom of the bamboo sticks.

6. Create the Pulley System (Optional):
  • If you want to raise and lower the blinds easily, consider installing a pulley system.
  • Attach additional screw eyes or hooks near the top of the blinds to guide the cord through.

7. Mounting:
  • Install mounting brackets above your window or desired location.
  • Hang the blinds by securing the screw eyes or hooks onto the brackets.

8. Finishing Touches (Optional):
  • If you want to enhance the appearance of your bamboo blinds, consider staining or sealing them. You can also add paint or a finish for a customized look.


  • Stain or Sealant: Applying a stain or sealant not only adds a decorative touch but also helps protect the bamboo from moisture and wear.

  • Test the Mechanism: If you're using a pulley system, make sure to test it to ensure smooth operation before installing the blinds permanently.

  • Safety: If you have children or pets, make sure that the cord is out of reach to prevent any accidents. Consider using cord cleats to secure the cords.

Remember to adapt these instructions based on your specific design and measurements. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines when using tools.